Mouton's Spa Day

Mouton’s Spa Day

Wendy promised me a good clean and I was expecting another washing machine experience but I got a surprise: I got my own special spa treatment. It was a bit frightening at first but the ladies were all very nice and loved me. I came out bright and clean but Wendy did do some extra fluffing so I would look gorgeous when traveling back to London.

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Peaceful candles on violent faces –
Rough vision of emotions deep –
Motion matched the poetry –
Of wondering thoughts to keep.

A master piece combining theatre –
Excellent acting and visual art –
Authenticity in dress and location –
Even Shakespeare would take heart.

2015 Macbeth Movie Poster

Michael Fassbender made Macbeth, raw yet vulnerable which solved an issue I always had with this character. How can a strong war lord completely losing it? He portrayed Macbeth in a such a way that made me feel, that he truly (twistingly) believed it was also for survival and not just for simple ambition. He solved it for me.

At the same time, I always thought of Lady Macbeth as a conniving, over-ambitious gold-digger. She still was yet at the same time I saw a strong person who helped surviving despite her pain and loss. Marion Cotillard’s acting was so pure and emotionally complex, awesome.

A Scottish friend who loves his country’s history, was pleasantly surprised regarding the relative authenticity of highlander living and praised the costumes: no tartan, but Roman type with leather/metal battle uniforms which would be likely correct considering that Macbeth lived in the 11th century.

The music was powerful, supporting the Shakespearian lines, subtly giving them more impact. @Sales: subtitles would be useful even for people whose first language is English … although it would reduce the magnitude of this visual spectacle.

This films was everything I was hoping for when seeing the trailer. It was a piece of art with moving pictures and words. Even if you don’t like Shakespeare, it’s an amazing film. A very high 9 score !

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My favourite quote:
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Shakespeare Act 5, scene 5

Hwang Jin Yi (황진이) (2006)

Jin Yi is a legendary Korean poet, musician, dancer, and gisaeng (courtisan) from the Joseon Era (ca. 1506-1560).
Ha Ji Won stars as Jin Yi. Interestingly she is not the most pretty girl in the TV serie but she has talent, charm, intelligence and a will of her own. I enjoyed the show very much.

Hwang Jin Yi (황진이) Ha Ji Won

Hwang Jin Yi (황진이) Ha Ji Won

Hwang Jin Yi 2006 TVserie @DramaFever
Hwang Jin Yi 2006 TVserie @dramago
Hang Jin Yi 2007 film @dramago
Hwang Jin Yi @Wikipedia

Daring Fun with the potential of becoming Iconic

#Kingsman: The Secret Service is a gentlemen secret spy-society that saves the world from a villain with the help of new recruits … Don’t let this summary fool you, the movie fantastic! It got applause at the end of the preview; for me first time ever in a cinema.

Great lines, never laughed this much: Bond with a wink and fresh edge. Plus super shot “martial art” action that should make the Matrix jealous. The action has its true Shakespearian/GoTh moments and all supported by cool tech-stuff. Great aspect in this movie is the music, an extra comic dimension. When you see the movie you’ll know what I mean. Next too all the clever fun and furious action, it touches on petty crime poverty and home violence. Matthew Vaugh captures the grimness yet doesn’t loose it’s lightness … and I like the message: “a gentlemen is not born, a gentle(wo)men is someone who chooses to be one.”

The young gang, like Sophie Cookson, held up well and Taron Egerton established his position in the gang of giants. Colin Firth’s aloofness was crowned with a kick-ass bite, Samuel Jackson brings his role back to old fashion comedy, strongly supported by Mark Strong and Michael Caine. It is a big 9,5 – this movie just nailed it.

Kingsmen the Secret Service 2015

Kingsmen the Secret Service 2015

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Getting to Getwick was not so difficult and for once, we didn’t need to run or hurry. The flight was pleasant, especially since we were sitting with an empty chair next to us. After some curious looks, Mouton is safely settled in the Calefornia Room at Villa Azul in Fuerteventure. Nice room but a bit stuffed away next to the yoga hall, lovingly referred to as the “cave”. Well, it’s the Mouton Cave this week. The first yoga class was relaxing. I only hope that it won’t rain as in November. 20 decrees with sun should be good enough.

Mouton in Retreat

“Effie” is about to get married to the famous author/art critic John Ruskin. The event is full of anticipation. She’s in love, content with the realization that marriage is a great achievement (in her world) and naive. As soon as she enters her new home, happiness and feelings of accomplishment disappear.

Effie Grey Poster2

Though the heroine is mainly sad, it’s a different emotion compared to Mme Bovary or Portrait of a Lady. All three women are trapped in an unhappy marriage but Effie isn’t a disillusioned house wife or manipulated heiress. She’s a young woman who only slowly starts to comprehend her situation. Initially, she tries to figure out why she feels unwelcome. After the people around her keep pointing out that she’s inadequate, she starts to believe that she is and starts blaming herself. Due to her inexperience and without a friend for sharing her questions, she’s not able to acknowledge that her life is “unnatural” and by the time that she recognizes that something is really wrong, she is too mentally abused … but she endures.

Ruskin and his parents made me feel angry. I wish it was because they were bad but they are actually stiflingly loving and blindly unaware of their coldness. I wanted to shake some sense in them. When Effie finally starts a divorce, my romantically polluted film mind wanted to see a glorious moment. It’s kept small and shared the complexity of feelings. Yes, she was desperate and brave but I suspect that her real life it wasn’t a simple emotion that drove her to this decision. It was well depicted as a necessity. Even though, it doesn’t lower my respect for this lady in Victorian British Society who claimed her right as a human being.

Dakota Fanning has an interesting mixture of serenity and intensity. It served her well as Jane (in Twilight Saga) but gave her vulnerability in this role an edge. Greg Wise’s handsome appearance makes it hard to believe that he’s terrible man and causes the right confusion. Greg Sturrage could be less nice and could show more passion but still nice to see him after Vanity Fair. And what can I write about the cream of UK actors; Julie Walters, David Suchet, Emma Thompson, James Fox, Derek Jacobi, Robbie Coltrane, other than superb as usual. I loved to see Claudia Cardinale, powerful in her grace of age. The costumes are good, not as lush as in other productions for this time period but then if you ever seen real dresses from that time, they usually are a not that refined. The scenery highlights contrast; crowded London, narrow home life and wide Scottish Highlands. I especially loved the beautiful shots of Venice.

One day I will watch it again on blue ray because the scenes deserve high quality images. I hope that I will be as moved and angry as I was in the cinema.

Emma Thompson and Dakota Fanning as Effie #CostumeDesign: Ruth Myers

Emma Thompson and Dakota Fanning as Effie #CostumeDesign: Ruth Myers

Well Done Effie, Well Done Emma
Thank you for this emotional experience which gave me a couple of life pointers to think about.